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Samson Donick

New York’s Algorithmic Trading Entrepreneur.


Samson Donick was raised in the Bay Area by his mother and father, alongside his three younger siblings. A high-achieving child, he grew up loving literature, historical fiction, 49ers football, the Golden State Warriors, traveling, surfing, skiing, hiking, basketball and spending time with his family. However, he has always focused on academics and athletics practice; he also volunteered for nonprofits like the Red Cross in Puerto Rico and currently the NYCLU.

Samson Donick is a young man of many talents and accomplishments. A National Merit Scholar and an AP Scholar with Distinction, he also attended the prestigious Town School for Boys in San Francisco. After graduating from Redwood High School, Samson went on to study mathematics and economics at Swarthmore College. There, he was a three-time All-American wrestler and captain of the wrestling team. He also worked as a research assistant in the economics department and volunteered with various non-profit organizations. Samson is currently attending Yale Law School.

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